(who are actually popstars)

(the actual ~proper~ goats refused to have their picture taken (grr) so yeah, here is a goat, just so you remember what they look like. )

This is a true story...
One night i decided to go out, to a club, a nice club FOR HUMANS...However every human club i went to, i got kicked out for the wrong code of dress, also because i had a beard...
Anyway, i stumbled upon a club called 'EFIL', which was playing very funk-e music. oh yes. funk-e music.
'hmm i thought, who would play such funk-e music?'
I went into the club, to my surprise no one kicked me out! i had a beard, so what, but then i realised something, this club was no ordinary club, twas a GOAT CLUB!!!!
yes, a club run by goats, so that meant only one thing...the music was by GOATS!!!! (and one very small robot)
GOAT MUSIC!!! (and one very small robot)
i signed up the whole club onto my record label. 'wow' i said 'wow' and yes, thats how it all began...
now YOU, yes YOU! can share the magic of that funk-e funk-e music....'wow' you say 'wow' and then die.

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